ACCEPT - TIME MACHINE - Μουσική Πυξίδα

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Κυριακή 15 Απριλίου 2018


Producer:Andy Sneap
Album:Blood Of The Nations(2010)
Label Nuclear Blast

Accept are:
Mark Tornillo:Lead vocals
Wolf Hoffmann:Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Herman Frank:Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar on "Rolling Thunder"
Peter Baltes:Bass guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann:Drums

Lyrics - Στίχοι:

The hands keep on turning, the pendulum just swings
Prisoners upon this rock, flying without wings

Captured in a moment, still the hours chimed
Joining closer as we sifted with the sands of time

Paranoid dimensions, guilts fall into place
Driven by an unseen force, swelling into space

At beyond the rainbow, cross the Milky Way
Passengers without a choice, slowly turning grey

On through the night, shine on forever
Going insane as we ride the time machine

Waiting for no one, relative to none
Answering to not a thing, except the rising sun

Bouncing on this fabric, at the speed of light
Connecting points of future's past, is its only plight

Passengers without a choice, hanging by a string
Spanning with the hands of time, flying without wings

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